New Changes on SeTS: 22/02/2017

Development has been done related to following points mentioned below

  1. Auction extension message receiving to vendor with subject Sale extended
  2. Changes in Tender/Enquiry bid submission and Tender/enquiry submission mail template
  3. Change in subject of Tender/Enquiry opening mail receiving to vendor
  4. For Auction “view details” option should be available for user for viewing details of auction
  5. Change in subject and content of mail which is receiving to vendors after Tender/Enquiry opened
  6. Development regarding quoting rates in percentage value in auction

New Changes on SeTS: 3/01/2017

Development has been done related to following points mentioned below

  1. Duplicate row for document generated for tender filling by vendors
  2. If Auction has been canceled by user then it should not run at bidder side
  3. Sale closing date and Notice publish date should be retained while amending the tender
  4. For any new tender, bid opening date should set as “Not Set”
  5. Issue of “no document are visible for approval/rejection of vendor in PE login”
  6. Duplicate documents entries in techno commercial bid filling
  7. Issue in displaying count of vendors in vendor tab on all staging and production sites
  8. While updating vendor profile, items should be display in ascending order of item code
  9. Pagination issue while editing items at the time of tender preparation
  10. Enquiry appears twice in Enquiry filling tab in vendor login on Production sites
  11. “=” operator is not working while searching tender by submission date
  12. No documents found for technical scrutiny
  13. Change in vendor selection list generated while preparing enquiry
  14. Development of additional column “Refloated From” in vendor login
  15. Changes in tender notification mail template by adding “Refloated from”  field
  16. Issue for Tender – mandatory documents are not uploaded by vendors
  17. Submission date not visible in enquiry pdf on all production sites
  18. SMS and Email on extending last submission date of enquiries/tenders
  19. Upper limit on percentile for Overall Tender
  20. Price bid opening event scheduler mail not received in bidders inbox
  21. Addition of “Remarks field” in Auction Module
  22. Issue of deletion of approved document of vendor on Production site
  23. On extending sugar/molasses sale vendors are not receiving SMS on sugar staging site
  24. On production site vendor didn’t receive SMS for Molasses sale
  25. Unable to do scrutiny for tenders with large items on production
  26. Changes required in Auction module – Addition/changes of validation, changes in auction schedule and change in position of buttons.



New Changes on SeTS: 13/10/2016

Development has been done related to following points mentioned below

  1. Viewing Detailed Auction statement inside SeTS login
  2. Issue in Copy to New option for tender
  3. Non receipt of SMS for vendor registration rejection
  4. Provision to add file/files at the time of auction preparation so that same can be viewed by bidders before participating for auction
  5. Changes in bid submission and enquiry submission mail template
  6. Restriction on items for new vendor registration
  7. Change in Finish button position and requirement of alert message for clicking on Finish button in tender and enquiry filling
  8. Tender Submission status is to be added in tender filling pages
  9. Tender notification mail should not trigger if no tender published.
  10. Tender Approval workflow process is very slow on production site
  11. Sale cannot extend on production site
  12. For some vendors while filling tender, EMD payment skips on production site
  13. After Tender opening, mail should be sent to vendors who has been participated in tender
  14. Issue in sale allocation email
  15. Sale closing date is showing later than submission date on production site
  16. Add date on bottom of page with field “last updated on” on login page for all instances


New Changes on SeTS: 16/06/2016

  1. Improvement in sale details screen
  2. Disabling of date and time field if “Set Later” checkbox is checked
  3. Filling of tender of any items on tender purchase
  4. Checkbox besides mobile number in vendor registration

New Changes on SeTS: 01/03/2016

  1. Option to enable/disable auto extension of auction
  2. Disappears tender code from “Re float from” column when we re float any tender
  3. Document update for vendor who is rejected in first approval and adding document in next approval cycle
  4. Rescheduling of Techno commercial bid, Deviation bid should not be possible
  5. Database related issue where mismatch item and documents exist in approved document list
  6. Refining code to validate multiple entry while preparing Pdf
  7. For solution as revert amendment on Mahagenco production
  8. View option for Item Master allows editing of name of Items
  9. For overall tender/enquiry database error found while decry pt
  10. Char size of email increase to max 100

New Changes on SeTS: 31/12/2015

  1. For Auction “view details” option added
  2. Issue regarding Item upload utility not working resolved
  3. Disclaimer for checking PDF before submitting
  4. New Tender Submission mail
  5. Mail to Vendor if tender is amended
  6. Issue: Vendor’s password not matching which receives through Forgot password link resolved
  7. Vendor’s item approval workflow issue resolved
  8. Search by submission date for tender
  9. Regarding unable to view published tenders on home page
  10. Message for cancellation of Price bid opening schedule

New Changes on SeTS: 29/09/2015

  1. Issue: Duplicate entries in payment reports for Vendor Registration renewal.
  2. Issue: Auction: vendor block issue.
  3. Defining Items for Price bid: add message at this step of tender for optional items.
  4. Requirement of new custom parameter for tender notification mails.
  5. Scrutiny comment size exceeded due to not matching size found for final comment.
  6. Final scrutiny multiple conditions and validations. #82308
  7. Functionality to quote all optional items for which documents are not asked.  #78651(When all items are optional and no documents asked for items in tender then user have to fill price bid first and in techno commercial bid item quoted status automatically becomes “Yes” for items which he has quoted in price bid)
  8. Restrict amendment before publishing the tender. (Tender amendment is possible only for published tender.)
  9. Grouping Auction module development.

New changes on SeTS: 15/06/2015

  1. Option to close bidding of items in auction
  2. Viewing Auction statement inside SeTS login
  3. Issue in Limited tender
  4. Requirement of Item closing option for Auction Module
  5. Rollback for runtime exception during tender extend
  6. Issue: Export to Excel option in vendor list for enquiry gives Http 500 error
  7. Issue: Users other than Admins able to change Vendor Company Name
  8. Issue: No documents are visible for deviation bid filling
  9. Issue: Wrong messages for bid opening.

New Changes on SeTS: 21/04/2015

  1. Auction should not accept 0 value as a bid
  2. Accepting base price & decrement value in decimals

New Changes on SeTS: 31/03/2015

  1. Option to enable/disable auto extension of auction
  2. Issue: Work item can not added to Two vendor Limited Tender
  3. Display vendor company names in statistics window for enquiries
  5. Display Vendor ID in “Manage Relationship” menu in Enquiry Item Relationship
  6. Logout required in Vendor Registration Module
  7. Change in template for Bid Submission Mail
  8. Option to close bidding of items in auction
  9. Auction mail template changes
  10. Viewing Auction statement inside SeTS login
  11. Displaying Vendor ID, Tender Code & Vendor Company Name in Scrutiny Window preliminary Tech-Comm scrutiny
  12. Displaying Vendor ID, Tender Code & Vendor Name in Scrutiny Window final Tech-Comm scrutiny
  13. SVN repository migration to local file system and file compression mechanism