New Changes on SeTS (Release 33 and 34): 27/09/2018

  1. Changes in development done in support ticket #144095 of Release 32- Changes done in Tender/Enquiry summary tab
  • In contact email id system shows email id of particular unit to whom tender/enquiry possess.
  • Set the default value for item wise price bid opening as “NA” for Enquiry.
  • Set the default value for EMD Exemption applied as “NA” for Enquiry.
  • Enquiry last submission date should be visible in “Submission date” field.
  • If custom code is set for particular tender/enquiry, then system shows that tender/enquiry code in summary.
  1. Removal of “Freeze column” option from price bid filling interface
  2. Instructions should be display on second page of Item HSN Code of GST details
  3. Displaying message for tender purchase payment approval and EMD payment approval
  4. In view details menu, auction type is showing incorrect
  5. Corrective action for price bid issue occur in support ticket #151137
  6. Changes to be done in Submission Time Elapsed mail receiving to User for Cancelled tenders
  7. Changes to be done in development done in support ticket #125640
  • Systems will send Email for submission of tender to vendors (who have purchased the tender) before 3 days of last submission date of tender (tenders with status “Published”).
  • If client cancels the tender (tender status: cancelled) then Email will not receive to the vendors.
  1. In Auction, item code should be display for each item and it should be display in order in which client has added
  2. Utility for granting permission to user for whom access denied
  3. Development for Pre-bid meeting requirement in SeTS
  4. Enhancement in Auction process of SeTS



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