New Changes on SeTS (Release 28): 17/11/2017

1. Changes in New vendor Registration Page for GST Certificate

  • Addition of GST details in Step 2 for vendor registration. Below City, a button with name “GST details” will appear. By clicking on “GST Details” button, vendor can add GST details state wise by uploading GST certificate.
  • At least one GST details compulsory for the state vendor is applying for.
  • After vendor applied for registration, workflow will be initiated for approval. GST document will be available for approval in document workflow to the user.

2. Changes in Approved Vendor for GST details

  • Upload facility for GST certificate is available in GST details menu.
  • Once the document is uploaded and data is saved, workflow (for document) will be initiated.
  • GST certificate workflow will be generated in user login. After giving approval to this workflow, final workflow will be generated. Also final approval to be given by user.

3. Displaying required message to vendor during log-in

  • After login into SeTS, message will be display to the vendor regarding updation of GST

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