New Changes on SeTS (Release 26): 21/07/2017

  1. Removal of Search bar from vendor login.
  2. Removal of validation while editing sugar sale items.
  3. Change in hierarchy level of Item quantity units during item addition of Sugar Sale and addition of mandatory sign (star sign) for Lifting Time field.
  4. Changes in SMS template and Email which should be sent regarding last submission date of tender going to elapsed to vendors who has purchased the tender.
  5. For overall tender, system should prompt to user for entering item cost at the time of item addition while tender preparation
  6. Creation of admin user with Item master management and User management
  7. Development regarding copy to new option for Limited Tenders and Enquiries in which all vendors gets copied irrespective of their status
  8. Captcha validation for login to SeTS- For help kindly see link- How do I use reCAPTCHA? –
  9. Upgrading Struts version from 2.3.32 to 2.3.33

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