New Changes on SeTS (Release 23): 18/05/2017

  • Multiple sub category to be added during item selection at the time of vendor registration
  • Email and SMS should be sent regarding last submission date of tender going to elapsed to vendors who has purchased the tender.
  • Addition of Item code column over Version column while tender preparation
  • Comparative/Loading statement, only one Vendor details are displayed on MSPGCL production
  • While Sale scheduling ,Vendor list should come for selection on BSSKL production
  • Import Excel facility for adding items in tender preparation (Excel Template kept in Download Section)

We have released development of import to excel functionality for adding items while tender preparation. To import items from excel, columns of excel sheet need to be in specific order as follows:

Serial No

Item Actual Code

Item unit

Item Name



All the values should match to values as in item master. Make sure all columns should be in Text format. Wherever quantity is not required for items, you have to mention quantity as 0 (zero) in quantity column while importing excel sheet.

  • Removing Extend option from tools menu on MSPGCL Production site

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