New Changes on SeTS (Release 33 and 34): 27/09/2018

  1. Changes in development done in support ticket #144095 of Release 32- Changes done in Tender/Enquiry summary tab
  • In contact email id system shows email id of particular unit to whom tender/enquiry possess.
  • Set the default value for item wise price bid opening as “NA” for Enquiry.
  • Set the default value for EMD Exemption applied as “NA” for Enquiry.
  • Enquiry last submission date should be visible in “Submission date” field.
  • If custom code is set for particular tender/enquiry, then system shows that tender/enquiry code in summary.
  1. Removal of “Freeze column” option from price bid filling interface
  2. Instructions should be display on second page of Item HSN Code of GST details
  3. Displaying message for tender purchase payment approval and EMD payment approval
  4. In view details menu, auction type is showing incorrect
  5. Corrective action for price bid issue occur in support ticket #151137
  6. Changes to be done in Submission Time Elapsed mail receiving to User for Cancelled tenders
  7. Changes to be done in development done in support ticket #125640
  • Systems will send Email for submission of tender to vendors (who have purchased the tender) before 3 days of last submission date of tender (tenders with status “Published”).
  • If client cancels the tender (tender status: cancelled) then Email will not receive to the vendors.
  1. In Auction, item code should be display for each item and it should be display in order in which client has added
  2. Utility for granting permission to user for whom access denied
  3. Development for Pre-bid meeting requirement in SeTS
  4. Enhancement in Auction process of SeTS


New Changes on SeTS (Release 31 and 32): 15/03/2018

  1. Problem in scrutiny occurs since vendor didn’t uploaded mandatory documents for optional items on MSPGCL production
  2. Disabling Proxy option from Auction Module
  3. EMAIL & SMS FOR Deviation bid of a tender
  4. Addition of GST certificate in vendor profile
  5. Addition of Item cost column in excel template developed earlier for tender preparation
  6. Changes in development regarding displaying message to approved vendor during login
  7. 500 error occurs while filling optional items in price bid
  8. Addition of instructions on pages of tender preparation for user
  9. All mails related to tender should receive to vendor from the TPS of which tender possess
  10. Summary of tender amendment should display to vendor and user in tender filling and tender tab
  11. Tender summary should be visible to user with details of tender
  12. Tender summary should be visible to Vendor with details of tender in tender filling tab
  13. Permission denied for new user (who has been added later) for doing changes in old tender added by earlier user
  14. Revert amendment functionality is not working for tender/enquiry code having more than 10 characters
  15. Auction no, Sale no, tender no and enquiry no should appear in event scheduling window

New Changes on SeTS (Release 29 and 30): 04/01/2018

  1. On click “Register Now”, instructions regarding pre-requisites for registration should be display to vendor
  2. Help text for some fields and instructions on every page of vendor registration Changes in Approved Vendor for GST details
  3. File Upload size to be revised for documents uploading in vendor registration process
  4. Development regarding user comments in tender scrutiny process
  5. POC on own captcha implementation
  6. Exclusion of Limited Tender Items from Open Tender on MSPGCL production (For Open type of tender Limited tender (Enquiry type) items has been excluded.)
  7. EMD Exemption for MSME vendors on MSPGCL production (Along with NSIC and SSI documents MSME document has been added on item level for EMD exemption.)

New Changes on SeTS (Release 28): 17/11/2017

1. Changes in New vendor Registration Page for GST Certificate

  • Addition of GST details in Step 2 for vendor registration. Below City, a button with name “GST details” will appear. By clicking on “GST Details” button, vendor can add GST details state wise by uploading GST certificate.
  • At least one GST details compulsory for the state vendor is applying for.
  • After vendor applied for registration, workflow will be initiated for approval. GST document will be available for approval in document workflow to the user.

2. Changes in Approved Vendor for GST details

  • Upload facility for GST certificate is available in GST details menu.
  • Once the document is uploaded and data is saved, workflow (for document) will be initiated.
  • GST certificate workflow will be generated in user login. After giving approval to this workflow, final workflow will be generated. Also final approval to be given by user.

3. Displaying required message to vendor during log-in

  • After login into SeTS, message will be display to the vendor regarding updation of GST

New Changes on SeTS (Release 27): 25/10/2017

  1. Invoice generation as per GST
  2. Changes in vendor registration acknowledgement email template
  3. Tender Estimation cost is not reflecting properly in price bid filling and in price bid PDF
  4. Struts version up gradation (2.3.34)

For user

Tender preparation: On last page of tender preparation, GST calculation is shown for tender fee. In case if user wants to change tender fee, he can change the base amount. When user enter the base amount and click on “Calculate tender fees” button, system will display the tender fee by adding GST to base amount.

Invoice pdf: Payment invoices tab is available in vendor grid. User can take print of Tender Purchase/Vendor registration/vendor renewal invoice by selecting particular vendor and also save invoice as pdf by using add-ons of respective browsers.

For Vendor:

Payment invoices tab is available in vendor dashboard. Vendor can take print of Tender Purchase/Vendor registration/vendor renewal invoice and also save invoice as pdf by using add-ons of respective browsers.

New Changes on SeTS (Release 26): 21/07/2017

  1. Removal of Search bar from vendor login.
  2. Removal of validation while editing sugar sale items.
  3. Change in hierarchy level of Item quantity units during item addition of Sugar Sale and addition of mandatory sign (star sign) for Lifting Time field.
  4. Changes in SMS template and Email which should be sent regarding last submission date of tender going to elapsed to vendors who has purchased the tender.
  5. For overall tender, system should prompt to user for entering item cost at the time of item addition while tender preparation
  6. Creation of admin user with Item master management and User management
  7. Development regarding copy to new option for Limited Tenders and Enquiries in which all vendors gets copied irrespective of their status
  8. Captcha validation for login to SeTS- For help kindly see link- How do I use reCAPTCHA? –
  9. Upgrading Struts version from 2.3.32 to 2.3.33

New Changes on SeTS (Release 25): 07/07/2017

  • In GST Registration details first question “Have you applied for and completed the enrollment process for GST registration” has been set to “Yes”. No option has been removed.
  • Permanent GST Registration number is mandatory for vendors. Vendors will not be able to login without entering Permanent GST Registration number.

New Changes on SeTS (Release 24): 15/06/2017

  • Requirement of Validation for mobile number of vendor in admin and user login.
  • Removal of “SETS ISSUE” option from Amendment Type Master.
  • Time field in SeTS should show the current time instead of 00:00 hrs.
  • After amendment of tender while publishing, sale closing time is showing after last submission time.
  • Two Tenders showing Same Tender Number in Refloated from field.
  • Development regarding GST Registration for vendors on MSPGCL production.


New Changes on SeTS (Release 23): 18/05/2017

  • Multiple sub category to be added during item selection at the time of vendor registration
  • Email and SMS should be sent regarding last submission date of tender going to elapsed to vendors who has purchased the tender.
  • Addition of Item code column over Version column while tender preparation
  • Comparative/Loading statement, only one Vendor details are displayed on MSPGCL production
  • While Sale scheduling ,Vendor list should come for selection on BSSKL production
  • Import Excel facility for adding items in tender preparation (Excel Template kept in Download Section)

We have released development of import to excel functionality for adding items while tender preparation. To import items from excel, columns of excel sheet need to be in specific order as follows:

Serial No

Item Actual Code

Item unit

Item Name



All the values should match to values as in item master. Make sure all columns should be in Text format. Wherever quantity is not required for items, you have to mention quantity as 0 (zero) in quantity column while importing excel sheet.

  • Removing Extend option from tools menu on MSPGCL Production site

New Changes on SeTS (Release 22): 28/03/2017

  • Some successful transactions are being reflected in SeTS after 2-3 months from the actual date of transactions on production sites
  • For tender(without terms and conditions) vendor receives two mails of tender submission
  • Vendor should be able to update name in Management details in vendor profile
  • Statistics of Deviation bid of tenders are not displaying correctly on production sites
  • Notification of expiration of session timeout on price bid filling page
  • Exception in human readable format
  • Requisition of Auction report on Production sites for invoice generation
  • Development regarding DAILYTODAYTENDERSMS custom parameter
  • Tender list is not displayed in tender purchase tab on production sites
  • Vendor login takes more time to load page on production
  • Change in subject and content for mails related to Tender
  • Change in subject and content for mails related to enquiry
  • Change in subject for mails related to Sale and Auction